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Born in BOOSHEHR, Iran 1988, grew up in Tehran, Iran.
KHERADMAND is a music composer, player and teacher of Iranian Traditional Music. 
He graduated From AZAD University, Qazvin Branch, Faculty of Industrial and Mechanic.
He held B.A in Industrial engineering (2011 Iran). Now he is a Student at the Technique University of Vienna, Austria 2013-14. 
Pouyan started to learn music with “Orff method for children” in the “Pars institute” (NASER NAZAR) at 6 years old. While learning to play Iranian instruments (SANTUR, TAR, and SETAR and Ghaychak Bass), Pouyan had already started to play in concerts, at the age of eight years old. 
He studied Iranian traditional music with different players and composers (Mohammad ALAEI SIAMAK AGHAEI, VAFA ADIB ). He also was trained “Violoncello” by PhD. VAHID VAFAEE.
He has worked as composer for many theaters in Tehran and played in concerts and soundtrack of films. Member of Persian traditional music band “MESHKATIAN” for four years, he also played and composed in a progressive rock band named “Unchained Painting”. 
KHERADMAND won the prize for the best “SANTUR” player in “student’s festival”, 2001 Iran. 
His last activity was a performance, Music Concert and an Improvisation with “Salah Ammo trio" Presented in Mai "" In meiner Hand eine Wolke " 22 March 2017 in Akzent Theater.
 Now is around 4 years he live in Vienna.

Pouyan KHeradmand

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